The Power of Video – Giant Creative

In the world of digital marketing, it’s easy to say that video content is king. More eye-catching, engaging, and responsive, video content stands out among the ad clutter that occupies all corners of the digital realm. Digital marketing has become an increasingly competitive field as the number of businesses promoting themselves on social media and the web continues to rise, and marketers have had to search high and low for the most effective way to get their message across.

The answer is always to produce engaging and captivating video content.

Static is Stale

When scrolling through social media the majority of content we see both on a personal level and a business level is static imagery. These can be stunning photographs, unique and creative graphic designs, or intriguing texts and there’s nothing to say that these aren’t effective ways of marketing a brand. The issue is that there are so many of them. When promoting a company, it is important to remember that individuals have been conditioned to aimlessly scroll and ignore ads at all costs, and when a static image is in front of them this becomes increasingly easier to do. It simply blends in with the rest of the content that is occupying their screen.

Enter Video

This is where video content can shine. It comes down to the simple fact that videos force scrolling users to stop and pay an extra second of attention to the post before engaging with it or discarding it. Static images are easily scan-able and you can expect that users will spend approximately three seconds before moving on, as opposed to the ten seconds that video allows you to hook your audience in.

Not only does video give you a better chance of enticing audiences to engage with your post or advertisement, but it also allows for more information to be conveyed to prospective customers, with 72% of customers admitting to watching video ads to learn more about what a company is offering. Additionally, social media posts that are video-based see 48% more views and generate 1,200% more shares than text and image-based content combined. These numbers speak for themselves.

Video is on the Rise

As Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg stated, “video is a mega trend” and it will only continue to get more prominent as businesses realize the leg up it can give them in the digital marketplace. In fact, some platforms such as Facebook have gone as far as to prioritize video ads on their site because the platform itself is advocating for more video-centric content. Not only has video content proven to be more engaging, but now companies are being rewarded with more exposure by media algorithms just by utilizing video in their marketing strategy. Facebook wants the best content on its platform and the high engagement videos bring in provides just this.

TikTok, a site dedicated solely to video content, is an example of just how powerful video can be. In just over a year the platform has taken off, not only as a social platform for personal use, but as one that can generate real revenue for companies looking to increase their digital presence. TikTok’s fast pace and eye-catching nature appeals to the decreasing attention span of today’s society and gives businesses a place where they can get personalized, informative, and most importantly digestible information about products and services out to potential customers. Want to learn more about this powerhouse of a social platform? Check out our blog How TikTok is Changing the Digital Marketing Landscape here.

No Signs of Slowing Down

With new media trends emerging at an almost constant rate it’s impossible to predict the future of digital marketing. However, it is quite certain that as competition in the digital sphere increases, companies will need to place an even greater emphasis on video-centric content. Video is the superior tool to use when showing the world what your brand is all about, and creates a space where you can establish more authentic connections with your audience.

In a world filled with ad clutter, video gives brands the best chance to stand out and be recognized in the market, resulting in consumers who are more likely to interact, support, and be loyal to your brand.  Although there is still a time and place for image and text-centric ads, it’s safe to say that video content is the strongest asset for businesses trying to increase their digital presence.