Our Video Production Process: Experience the GIANT Difference! – Giant Creative

At Giant Creative, video is what we know and love so we figured, why not share our tried and true method of video production with all of you.

Video is such an important aspect of any marketing campaign with multiple studies showing just how impactful it really is. Not only is video versatile, engaging and entertaining, but it also makes a significant impact on audiences, allowing them to further understand, and remember, your brand and campaign message. If you want to learn more about the power of video check out the blog dedicated to just that.

Despite the fact that each of our clients video projects range in tone, message and stylistic approach we stay true to our video production process that we have honed and perfected over the years. Because as they say “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!”

Stage 01: Creative Development

Every video project starts at the grassroots and for us, this means sitting down and asking the big questions.

1. What are the video objectives
2. Who is the target audience
3. How do we best tell the story

By establishing the direction of the video, what we want to accomplish, and who we are targeting, we are able to begin to visualize the stylistic approach we will need to take. Having a clear understanding of the tone of the project prior to filming ensures that the end result will be on brand.


Stage 02: Pre-Production

During this stage of the production process we see the project come to life as we begin to piece the necessary video components together. This stage consists of:

1. Storyboard creation
2. Script writing
3. Planning the shoot

By putting our thoughts down on paper, and seeing how all aspects interact with each other, we are able to visualize the video and make final edits accordingly. This is perhaps one of the most important processes as it is crucial that everything is in order prior to filming. Taking the time beforehand, and not rushing the pre-production process, is guaranteed to save countless time and headaches down the line.


Stage 03: Production

This is where the magic happens! Whether we’re on location or in the studio we finally get to bring our project to life. While some projects require elaborate backdrops and extensive prop and costume planning, others take a more subtle approach by simply focusing on the product or service at hand. Every project is so unique and that’s what makes our jobs so awesome.


Stage 04: Post-Production

Remember how we said pre-production was one of the most important stages? Well, post-production is as important if not more! This is the stage where our talented editors take the raw footage and turn it into something outstanding. This process looks a little different for each project but mainly consists of:

1. Editing footage to create a compelling story
2. Adding in motion graphics, b-roll and music
3. Colour grading
4. Sound design

There’s so much that can be done in post-production and it’s an exciting process seeing the footage all come together to create a final product. This stage is important for establishing the tone and feel of the footage as lighting and sound both play big rolls in evoking emotion.


Stage 05: Delivery

And that’s a wrap! Once post-production is complete it’s time to review our video one final time before sending the completed file off to the client.

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