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Video content has been on the rise for years, which is no surprise considering it’s the preferred way of consuming content online for many shoppers. And, with 90% of Americans sharing that Youtube is their primary digital video platform, you’ll want to include it as part of your content strategy. Keep reading to learn how you can set your video content up for success on Youtube. 


Keyword Research

Central to any SEO strategy is research. It doesn’t matter if it’s a blog post or a video a thoughtful keyword strategy will give your content the best shot at being seen by the target audience. 

There are excellent paid tools you can use, like SEMRush or Ahrefs, to conduct this research. You’ll be able to see top keywords in your industry and long-tail keywords that can help boost your ranking. Compile a list of relevant keywords and use it as a foundation for creating content. 

We don’t recommend clickbait titles or keyword stuffing (adding as many keywords as possible to the title, description, and hashtags, even if they’re irrelevant). We would encourage you to avoid these tactics as they have been proven to harm your ranking. 

Remember, Google is trying to provide the most relevant content for a user’s search. By creating content that answers their search and is named appropriately, you will be rewarded! 


Define Your Audience

You know the saying “build it and they will come”? When it comes to video content we disagree. Trying to build/find an audience and distribute your content is a surefire way to do both poorly. To put it simply, create content your audience wants and share it on the platforms they frequent. 

Creating content your audience wants is the goal of any content marketing strategy. Use keyword research to inform your video content. Defining your audience is crucial to reaching the right people to ensure you don’t waste time or money trying to guess. By creating buyer personas, you can drill down into their habits and demographics to understand what they like and where they hang out online. 


This is a helpful template from 


Buyer personas are meant to represent groups of people rather than individuals, so do not worry about the specifics. Attributes such as marital status, income, and technology use are good places to start. 


Don’t Forget the Details

Youtube is a search engine that takes everything into consideration when ranking content. While boosting your ranking takes time and consistency, we have listed a few things you might have overlooked.

  • Include keywords in the video file name. Although it may seem small, it can make an impact and is a good habit to get into rather than naming every video_FINAL_V2 (no need to lie, we’ve all been guilty of this)
  • Use eye-catching thumbnails. Longer watch times= better ranking, plus you can use it as a branding tool to increase brand awareness. 
  • Use hashtags in your video description so users can find your content in many ways- search bar, explore, and # searches. 


We hope you have found some helpful tips and tricks to optimize your Youtube videos. Stay up-to-date on our latest articles and client projects by liking and following us on social media @ GiantCreativeInc.