The Power of a Post: What goes into Creating a Successful Social Media Profile – Giant Creative

In the last couple of years, we have seen the grip that social media has taken on society. Its presence has become an integral part of everyday life and presents itself as a way for individuals to communicate, stay connected, and share their lives through imagery and text. Although social media started out as a way for individuals to connects, it has, as most things do, turned into a way for businesses to market themselves and connect with consumers on the internet.

From Play to Profit

Sure, it’s easy to aimlessly post personal pictures to your feed and bask in the glory of complimentary comments and likes from your friends and family, but in the marketing world, unknown consumers are much less likely to engage and pay attention to your businesses feed. Social media is filled with companies trying to promote themselves, and for viewers, this can get overwhelming. Not to mention the multiple paid ads that now come up unsolicited on almost every social feed.

So, in this war zone of businesses fighting for viewer attention, what exactly is the key to standing out? Here are some of our tried and true tactics that are sure to boost your company’s engagement, reach, and prominence in the social media sphere.

  1. Sell your Company Values

Every company has a product to sell, but your company values, lifestyle, and story are what make you unique. Studies have shown that millennials base many of their buying habits on just this, with 83% of this demographic stressing the importance of consumer/company value alignment. And they exercise that conviction when choosing a brand to purchase products or services from.

In recent years, people have become more aware of how companies are combating issues such as environmental pressures, animal cruelty, and ethical labour, while more recently individuals have focused highly on shopping locally and supporting small businesses. Companies stances on these issues all create unique selling features that have to do solely with the brand’s values rather than their physical products. These snippets that show who the brand is behind the product itself can become phenomenal selling points that will be wasted should they not be expressed through company social media feeds.


  1. Analyze your Engagement

Social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram allow you to analyze your engagement like a pro. They give you the tools you need to see what content is working and which, well…isn’t doing so great. By keeping a close eye on your company’s social media analytics, you’ll be able to continually improve your social media strategy in ways that increase your reach and visibility on the web.

It’s actually quite amazing the detail of insight that these apps can give you! With just a click you’re able to see the reach, impressions, profile views, and interactions generated by an individual post as well as gain an overview of your page as a whole by seeing which content has been the most successful and which demographics have interacted and on what level. The more you dig through the analytics the more you will find and the more successful your page will become due to your new tailored approach.


  1. Run a Giveaway

Giveaways are a great way to increase your brand awareness and get consumers excited about your product. Everyone loves free sh*t and will be willing to engage with your company and even promote it on their own social media if it gives them a chance to win. Not only will this bring viewers to your feed, but will also give one lucky winner the chance to experience your fantastic product. If they like it enough to rave to their friends and families about it, you’ve just gained yourself future customers who may have never tried out your product.

Although it does mean giving up some of your inventory out of pocket, the rewards of a giveaway are definitely worth it in the long run.


Practice Makes Perfect

There is no foolproof method for increasing your social media following and company prominence as each company is unique and will need to enlist unique tactics to reach its unique clientele. However, through creative planning, keen attention to detail and analytics, and a strong understanding of what and how you want your product to appear to consumers, creating a successful social media platform is something that can be achieved. It’s unrealistic to expect to gain 1,000 followers overnight, that’s not the nature of social media, but with time, trial and error, and a dedication to what really should be considered a craft, a social media platform that is engaging and profitable is in reach!