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As we all know at this point, social media is a powerful tool in the marketing world and its use is necessary for almost any business to thrive in the competitive marketplace of the 21st century. While a solid social strategy, optimized posts, and a vast understanding of your audience are important, the design and visual aspects of the content that you are producing are equally as imperative in the game of attracting audience attention.

Have you ever looked at a website and immediately been turned off the brand as a whole because of the appearance of their online presence? The same goes for any visual aspect of a company on the web and in today’s world, a lot of this is seen through social media. Companies can instantly be judged based on how they present themselves online and it is because of this that design, and specifically social media content design, is so imperative in creating a successful brand.

Set the Mood

Graphics designed for social media can take on many different looks and feels and it is important that their look aligns with that of your brand. Your company already has a persona connected to it, one that you as the owner have worked long and hard to establish, so the look of your social content must mimic this. This doesn’t only mean following your company’s colour scheme but also means embodying the character of the company and portraying it through design tactics.

An example of consistent use of brand colours, fonts, and image style to promote a children’s coding education centre, Code Ninjas London South.


If your company is a sophisticated jewelry boutique, crisp lines and clean designs are going to highlight the simple luxury of your products and showcase the refined high-quality attitude of your brand. However, if you are a business owner selling children’s hand-made toys, for example, this design approach could come off as standoffish. For a company of this nature, a more friendly, warm, and fun approach to design would need to be implemented. Soft tones, fun patterns, and organic shapes appeal to the child in us all and showcase the attitude that consumers would want to be greeted with when interacting with a child’s toy brand.

Find your Niche

Choosing the right design tactic that portrays your brand in the appropriate way is important across all sectors of business, with a successful example being Los Lobos, a London Ontario based Mexican restaurant. Their Instagram account features their featured food and drinks but is also sprinkled with fun graphics highlighting different promotions and events. These graphics speak to the nature of the company, having clearly been designed to highlight the upbeat, casual, Mexican vibe that will be present should you chose to dine there. Their bright colouring, floral patterns, and funky textures and shapes immediately give viewers a little taste of the restaurant’s atmosphere and style.


The Power of Design

There are many different ways to approach social media content design and each unique company will require its own unique design approach and it is because of this that the design process can take on so many different characteristics. For some companies, this could be video graphics while for others it could be text or image-based. The beautiful thing about design is that there are really no limitations. In the world of social media, companies are always trying new things and looking to discover the next best method of promotion, and thanks to all the different facets of design, companies and their designers will never run out of new things to try. Humans are visual species and quite often satisfying visual representations of companies are the way to consumer’s hearts.

The most important takeaway from this? Content designed for the web acts as an extension of your brand. Company’s social media feeds in particular are often one of the first touchpoints that a consumer has to a brand and like they always say, you only get one chance to make a first impression. By deploying tactical design strategies that speak visually of the brand, companies have the opportunity to catch the attention of audiences, hold that attention, and with any luck turn social views into real profits.


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