How to Choose an Agency Partner – Giant Creative

Business is picking up, you’ve begun planning for 2022, and you’ve finally decided on investing in your branding and marketing. So… what’s next?

First and foremost, establishing what you want to achieve is key to onboarding a partner. 

Defining clear, measurable goals for your team and the agency so everybody is on the same page. What are you trying to achieve? Brand awareness, lead generation, rebrand, create a video series? Establishing clear expectations and roles is critical when choosing a creative partner. 

Identify Internal Strengths and Weaknesses

At GIANT, we want to be seen as an extension of your team, rather than a vendor. Make sure to take inventory of the skill sets your team already has as well as any workload constraints before embarking on finding an agency partner. An agency should leverage your existing team and fill in any gaps. 

Tips for Fostering a Collaborative Team

  • Have your marketing and design team members list out their strengths and where they’d like assistance. By involving your team in the process, they will be more engaged in the process and less threatened at the idea of an “outsider”. 
  • Encourage collaboration between the agency and your team similar to internal departments. An emphasis should be placed on the shared goals! 
  • Set up monthly touchpoints to create clear lines of communication.

Questions to Ask

Every agency runs differently and to help you choose the best fit for your business, we’ve included a list of questions that can help with the process. 

  • Who owns the Google accounts and other data collecting platforms? 
  • What team members will be on my account? 
  • What is the average time needed to make a change to a campaign? 
  • What areas do you specialize in? 
  • Do you have any applicable case studies?