The Fritter Shop - GIANT Creative

Client Overview

Based on a tradition that began in 1989 in Amsterdam, The Fritter Shop brings a fresh flavour to what dessert can be here in Canada. Through offering a variety of delicious flavours, with a modern twist on the traditional Dutch apple fritter, The Fritter Shop has gone to 4 locations in 2020, with 10 more locations opening in 2021.

Challenge to Solve

1. New brand entity outside of the London area
2. Low-functional, non-responsive website
3. No Franchise business growth strategy


1. Brand Positioning

Develop strong brand identity to position The Fritter Shop as a prominent new designer pastry brand in the Canadian marketplace via impactful design; strategic video & content creation; and tactical location support.

Project Deliverables

  • Website Design & Development
  • Brand Marketing
  • Franchise Marketing Support
  • Business Consultancy
  • Video production
  • Animation Services
  • Digital signage

2. Website Design

Design and develop a professional website developed to create an impactful connection with key target audiences of retail customers, and franchise development partners.

3. Franchise Consultancy

In partnership, develop a clear franchise business strategy that include: franchise agreements; developing a Media AdFund; site visits; and digital and print franchise collateral.


  • Launched new WordPress multisite for ongoing scalability to support new franchise & vendor partners, while improving overall UX for a more visually pleasing and functionally sound website.
  • In first two quarters, we opened two new franchise partners in new Ontario cities, while receiving applications for more Southwestern Ontario locations for 2021
  • Built local network of vendor partnerships to support ongoing franchisee growth that included media & support partners


“From building a brand persona, to strategic planning, to market analysis, to our individual franchisees overall marketing strategy, GIANT has been instrumental in helping The Fritter Shop reach our ongoing growth goals. On top of all of that, the service and immediate response when issues arise are the icing on the cake, or sugar on the fritter if you will.”

— Kelvin Van Rijn, Founder & CEO, The Fritter Shop

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