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Project Overview

We further ingrain our passion in the hockey world with the Oshawa Generals. the generals approached bolt with the challenging task of helping them give their fans the best in-game & social media experience in the league. Our primary focus with the generals is quality and outside-the-box creative ideas.

Project Deliverables

  • Animated Content;
  • Press Announcements;
  • Pre-game Hype Videos;
  • Community Videos;
  • Historical Videos;

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Lorem Ipsum ovur top priority with the Oshawa Generals is to always push the envelope creatively. Settling for the status quo is not acceptable with their organization.

The pressure to live outside the box is where we as creative thrive. This gives us the opportunity to leverage next-level techniques and experiment with practical effects that can take our projects to the next level.

Experimenting comes with its own risks. When trying new techniques or practical effects its important that we take the time to plan every shot prior to filming. There is no room for error so we take that approach before we hit the record button.

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